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Student Work
Student Work

Typography + Publication

Sophomore + Senior Levels

Annual Report

Senior Level

Prompt: working as a team, students select a company that they interact with weekly and redesign their public annual report. These kinds of publications are notorious for lengthy texts and boring numbers, but such information provides a lot of missed opportunities for informative and exciting multipage design. Students practice their collaboration skills for communicating complex information, text editing, visual organization, layout building, typographic hierarchy, and expanding on an established visual identity. 


Print + Mobile Article Design

Sophomore Level

Prompt: students choose an article of their interest and redesign its layout as a magazine spread, creating a typographic artwork for the title. In addition to the spread, students learn to adapt their print designs to an online format by prototyping mobile web pages of the article in Adobe XD. The webpage and the spread must be consistent to represent the same article. The design relies on typography, hierarchy, and layout, with intentional typographic elements to convey clear clues about the articles' structure and enhance the overall reading experience on both platforms.

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