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Lander Art+Design


Lander University Department of Art+Design is a creative family of faculty and students who produces a vast range of original work in painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and design. With the constantly growing number of students, recently expanded degree offerings, and a new name (from Visual Arts to Art+Design), they needed a new visual identity that represent their creativity and excitement. 


The goal of the new visual identity is to provide an iconic, confident, flexible logo and build a framework that will effortlessly complement the diversity of works and mediums created by the department.

flyers mockup.jpg

The new brand has three uniquely different signatures, bringing diversity in use but working cohesively across all applications.

Logos together copy 2.png
Logos together copy.png
Logos together.png

The monogram is bold, memorable, yet clean, and fluid. It adapts and provides flexibility where others can imprint their individuality and uniqueness. This approach allows constant reinvention while honoring the history and ideas that have shaped the Department of Art+Design.

special treatment 1.png
special treatment 2.png
special treatment 3.png
special treatment 4.png

The modularity of the monogram was put to test when Lander Art+Design students were asked to express their creativity and design artworks over the monogram outlines. Below are their successful results

Logo students.jpg

While the primary black & white colors build the classic foundation, the secondary color palette adds variety while being open to new additions for individual expression.

colors and type.jpg
colors and type2.jpg
bag 1.jpg
bag 2.jpg
Frames construction.png
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