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Dinner + No Show 2021


Dinner + No Show is the annual publication produced by students from the School of Art + Art History at the University of Florida. The publication fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and shines a light on the diversity of artworks, artists, and processes. The book is split into two complementary parts: Dinner and No Show. Dinner presents the finished works of students. No Show focuses on the creative process and progress. Together they feature the entire scope of student work from that year. 

Details 1.jpg

The design challenge for such a publication is giving each section an identity while keeping a general consistency. For the 2021 Issue, I've created two systems differentiated by monochrome color palettes, that complement each other. Both sections have identical layouts and are individualized by colors and gradients assigned to each section. 

TOC 1.jpg
TOC 2.jpg
Details 2.jpg
Mis spread.jpg
 colors and type.jpg
 colors and type2.jpg
intro spread.jpg
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