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Dinner + No Show 2020

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Dinner + No Show is the annual publication produced by students from the School of Art + Art History at the University of Florida. The publication fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and shines a light on the diversity of artworks, artists, and processes. The book is split into two complementary parts: Dinner and No Show. Dinner presents the finished works of students. No Show focuses on the creative process and progress. Together they feature the entire scope of student work from that year. 

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The design challenge for such a publication is giving each section an identity while keeping a general consistency. For the 2020 Issue, I created a system of two parts coming together to form a whole, like a circle formed by two mirrored halves. Each section has its distinct monochrome color palette that complements another. To maintain the reading experience throughout the publication, the page furniture and typographic settings are kept consistent, while only switching colors or mirroring small decorative elements like half circles on the page numbers. 

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