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Student Work
Student Work

Motion Graphics

Junior + Senior Levels

This course brings together graphic design with sound, time, and movement to build a new way of communicating a message. Motion graphics are animated graphic design, that combines familiar design elements with video features to share a powerful message in multimedia projects. 

Animating Data

For the first project, students transform static information into an approachable and powerful visual message with motion by creating an explainer video with original research, copywriting, and visuals.

Pigeon Mastery by Audrey Poltorak
Goat Facts by Yulia Imai
Chocolate by Katelynn Green
Facts about Houses by Brooke Ruhoff

Title Sequence

For this project, students give their beloved side characters the spotlight by creating a title sequence for their own show. They write the new story and create a title sequence featuring the character with their interpretation of the look and the story. 

A Day with Ray by Brooke Ruhoff
Heen&Himself by Yulia Imai
Rolling Pin by Audrey Poltorak
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