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Aquatic Planet


Aquatic Planet is a local fish store in Greenwood, SC. The store focuses on increasing the popularity of fish as a pet in a local community amongst kids and adults. Family-owned and operated, the place not only offers a wide selection of tropical fish, food, tanks, and accessories, but delivers education about fish behavior, health, and sustainable practices in fish care, like upcycling used fish tanks and quarantining fish for disease prevention.


The logo and the visual identity mirror their values, expressing a friendly, neighborly, fun, and memorable feel. The fish symbol for the logo is elegant and expressive, highlighting the fact that fish have personalities just like any other pet.
The mural was illustrated by Todd Applegate, the owner, and his family.

logo with notes.png
colors and type .jpg
colors and type 2.jpg
business cards.png

The design challenge of the price tags was to provide flexibility for adjusting prices based on the market. The system for the price tags was developed with simple color blocking and intentional empty spaces for removable price stickers or handwriting. The price tags are color-coded based on fish sociability towards tankmates.


The elements of the identity were kept simple, so the owners can quickly and easily create applications themselves to stay on budget.

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